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I am a deafened visual artist.    I am  interested in the part our senses play in creativity.  I often work without my hearing aid in complete silence,  and sometimes close my eyes when mark making  thus working without two senses; helpfully this cuts out the 'knowing of the brain' which can get in the way of the intuitive, spontaneous creative process.  I believe my deaf perspective offers a positive influence affecting colour, aesthetics and rationality enabling me to tap into my depths.

I mainly work with pastel overlaid onto acrylic and charcoal on prepared paper or board.  I like the instant colour and the tactile 'hands-on' of pastel in which I can achieve dynamic and imaginative images.


I have progressed and championed Deaf and disability issues in my artwork and as a Disability Equality Trainer and Chair and Committee member of Equality and Diversity Forums.   I have a passion for inclusion, accessibility and justice.


I am a practising SGI Buddhist and this humanistic philosophy, along with my background  as a Counsellor working therapeutically with adults and children, inform my creative methods and goals.   My art practice, therefore, consists of multi-strands which cross-pollinate one another.   It is implicit in the goals of my work to aim for value creation and to find beauty, vibrancy and colour. 

I live and work in Southborough,  Tunbridge Wells, Kent.  

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